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Ross Family Ministries

Children are the church of today not tomorrow

When Jesus saw the children, He said, “Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them…” -Mark 10:14.

Jesus realized that His disciples needed to understand the importance of children. At Ross Family Ministries, we have seen first hand young children hungry for God weeping at the altar asking Jesus to use them. We have seen children as young as seven and eight begging for the opportunity to pray for their friends. Children can truly worship as intensely as adults do if we lead them gently and expect God to do great things in them. In most cities, close to half of the people  are under 15 years of age. Imagine with me a new generation of children trained to hear the Lord’s voice, filled with the word and the faith to obey Him. These young people could change the world for Jesus now.

Rev. Kevin Ross, M.Div., Missionary Evangelist
      Founder of Ross Family Ministries