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Mission Opportunities

Bringing you with us



Mission Opportunity

This country is a great place to get your team doing ministry in a different country that speaks English and to experience a new culture. We will train your team in one on one evangelism as well as group presentations of the Gospel, singing, drama, puppetry and clowning. Your team will give the Gospel in schools, on the street and in churches, developing a compassion for the lost and bring that home with them.

“I have been begging my parents for a new skate board, but now I wish I could give one of these kids my skate board”

Shaun: Teen Testimony

“ I feel sick.”
“What do you mean?”
“Riding here to the boys home I see how little these people have and I have so much. I am selfish”




Mission Opportunity

There is a Mission field called the inner-city where many fear to go. They fear the drugs, the gangs, and the unknown. The people there are eager to to hear good news. If you can learn how to reach people in the inner-city, you will prepare you to go to any mission field. We would love to train you in how to minister in this needy mission field.

We have opportunities for your people to experience the mission field right here in the US. We can train you in Durham and Raleigh North Carolina

Did you know …

  • … Durham, NC is known as a city of medicine but it also has seen a rise in drive by shootings and crime?
  • … there are many children here in the US that do not know who Jesus is?
  • … in Raleigh, NC the “.. chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Raleigh is 1 in 28.”
  • … Durham  rank in the top 5% of cities in crime. 95% of the cities in US are safer than Durham.
  • … in Durham,NC your chance of becoming a victim of a violent crimes is one in 134 and “your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is one in 22”.
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