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Ross Family Ministries


First off I would like to THANK YOU! for taking a few minutes to let me tell you about our full time ministry.

Ross Family Ministries is an exciting and delightful way to bring gospel messages to the whole family. We use different artistic methods including illusions, characters, puppets, skits, games and music. The three main characters are Irvin D. Clown, a cowboy, and an explorer.

Irvin D. Clown can present a wide range of lessons like forgiveness, prayer, and many more. We can even customize a lesson just for you. How to have a fare fight” is one lesson adults really identify with. Kids will learn something too because everyone has conflicts from time to time. Let’s talk about school outreach. Schools have welcomed the clown to do “Say No to Drugs” programs and allowed each child to take a flyer home advertising an event at the church set for the next weekend. As you watch gags, skits and illusions performed, a gospel message is given. It will make you laugh and at the same time remind you of the things of God.

The cowboy can spin a rope, present the gospel and do a lesson on witnessing with both hands tied behind his back. Watch for it. When teaching “Witnessing” we illustrate ways to witness and talk about the importance of it. The whole family can learn about it and then practice together. So round up your family and friends. Invite them to the bunk house (church) for a rip roaring time.

Now the explorer, he talks about “The Reliability of God’s Word”. If you were asked why do you believe the Bible, what would you say? How does the average person explain the reliability of God’s word? We explore these questions through prophesy, archeology, science, and social studies. The Bible has to P.A.S.S. the reliability test.

Illusions are such fun. We tell people clearly we have no powers. It is a trick you can figure out. We don’t want any confusion on that. All ages love tricks and trying to solve them. This is a great tool on the streets, in church, and schools. Illusions and characters always draw a crowd on the street. They are attention getting, different and people will stop and listen. We can help you bring the gospel to your neighborhood. Street ministry is something that can be done in an exciting and fun way where everyone can help.

We have been working to present the gospel and related messages for 25 yrs. and love to train others to carry on the work. We do training in how to create your own character, how to  convey God’s Word, and hold people’s attention. With your enthusiastic workers these are things that bring variety, excitement, and smiles to your church and neighborhood.

Whether you have a small, large, in the city or a country church we can adapt to your needs. Helping the church and reaching the lost is our goal. I know you are busy so thank you for your time. It means a lot.

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